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In Italy the old hayrick (barco) was popular in the mountains in some regions . And as in Holland they have mostly disappeared and sometimes they have been replaced bij iron ricks. But in contrast tot the Dutch ricks these metallic barci have frail poles and the roof connects to cables in a typical construction. Northeast of Genua in the Ligurië , Val d Áveto (Santo Styefano) and  Val Sturia there were till not long ago the old "barchi" . Nowadays a few have survived. In the Val di Cadore, Trento, (Dolomites), by Feltre you can find some nests of metallic ricks.
Oude hooifotos uit Midden Italie
(ingezonden door Marten Jansen 2003)






Negri, Umberto

This remarkable image from Remedello, Italy, during the time of Mussolini, shows a tall silo, ingeniously designed to employ as many well-dressed workers as possible. Rather than use an elevator, the hay is lifted by fork up through a series of platforms to the top window


Thanks to Alan Ritch: www.hayinart.com


Dolomites: nests of haybarns



Belluno , Dolomiti, Lanphen 2005

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3 foto's van Suzan Jurgens 2008

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