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Some countries  with  haystacks:

There are a lot of countries where nowadays haystacks are still in use. Especially East Europe is rich of beautifull images of stacks in an overwhelming beautifull scenery. On this page you will first find pictures of a visit by Alan Ritch ( www.hayinart.com ) to Maramures in september, 2006. And he was quite impressed by the beautifull scenery, the culture of this region and in the same time he was oppressed by the realisation that these scenes are fast disappearing due to "modern developments". Alan made these pictures especially for SKHN ! Maramures lies in the north of Romania, belongs to the Karpathia mountains, and is famous of its woodsculpture and friendly people who still live like our grandma's and pa's. It pays to google Maramures! Alan visited also Hungary and visit the Open Air Museum near Szentendre in region Upper Tiszla.The abora in the museum (Hungarian for sopron :-) ) is not well. Also Ben Tarkulich and Tom Kinter show some of their search to old and beautifulle architecture.Thanks!

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First Tom Kinter with an amazing haystack picture. Romanian stack builders.

Tom's Place http://www.tkinter.smig.net


And now: Alan Ritch:

Sopron, near Berbesti, with damaged roof and plastic to protect the hay.
Lowered soprons, near Berbesti, currently sheltering tools
Lowered soprons, near Berbesti, currently sheltering tools

the first of these three pictures were very friendly. They pointed out the magnificent crucifix just a few feet away, which we, transfixed by the sopron had passed by!
Several soprons in the wonderful Cosau Valley.

Painted wooden grave-marker in the "Merry Cemetery" of Sapanta.
There is a sopron at upper right.

Sopron in the old Jewish cemetery of Sighetu. This one is not at all "merry." Half the huge plot of land reserved for the Jewish cemetery is now used for hay-making, most of the thousands of Jews of Sighetu having been buried elsewhere in 1944. Now there are only 3 families left.





Sopron above a pig sty, near Rozavlea, an unusual combination
Sopron in Sirbi. This one belongs to our farmer friends the Bercis, with whom we stayed. The sopron is in their orchard, only a few meters away from the cow barn, midden, outhouse, etc. Note the ragged poles which are used for making "mannikins" (tall hay cocks like those in the old Tyrol).
Upper Tisza Hungary Open Air Museum Just north of Romania. Google this also!!
  Last but not least our american / slowakian friend Bill Tarkulich who sent these:
  Here are some recent photos I received of Hay Ricks (Barracks) in Romania.  Hope this helps.  My sense tells me that most of the ricks extant in Eastern Europe today are in Romania and Ukraine.

He took this picture of a hayrick behind a house in Sapanta, Romainia August 2006

These were at Sighetu-Marmatie, Romania. The first one was in the "The Open Museum of Maramures Folk Architecture". In Slovakia it would be called a Skansen.  The other was to the left of the road up Dobaies Hill that leads to the Skansen.

Dick Thompson sent September, 2006 – we have his permission to re-use, re-publish.

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