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Haystacks or haycocks are just nothing more as heaps of hay. They are nowadays in many regions still very common. They are easy to built and they can rest on the field for days or for the whole of the winter. In some regions the haystack or haycock consists of a loose construction of three poles, with the base placed in a triangle and at the tops bound together, with horizontal poles bound between the vertical poles. The hay is draped around the construction. Sometimes only one vertical pole suffices. Click here for an old Dutch video: "making the haycock"

The title haystacks is not always the right choice. Stacks are also made of straw and different types of corn. Stacks are not only common in the agricultural sector. Famous and unfamous painters turned them into watercolours or oil. Visit here a selection of paintings and a selection of images. A special is formed by more than 30 paintings of Monet: the stacks of hay and wheat. You can view also stacks from different countries.